Specialized Programs


Be Great Graduate

Let’s chat about school, how you can be successful and how you can stay focused. State your desired occupation and we will help you map a track to get to you goals. Speak with others who have been on this journey and gain inspiration. Write your desired occupation on our wall and look forward to writing your date of graduation on the Be Great Graduate Walla in your YEP centre,

Duration: On going (Teen program)


DJ program

Take your love for music to the next level. Work along with a DJ to learn mixing and music selections. It all culminates with the production of a mix tape or live performance.

Duration: 6-8weeks


Community Service


Help to build a better BVI. Learn skills that can be transferred to other areas in life. We do projects involving painting, gardening, community clean ups and more. Get those community service hours in and build a better BVI.

Duration: On going- sign up now! (Teen program)



Advanced Volleyball


Join with the Matrix volleyball team and learn the next steps to competitive volleyball or just enjoy the work out. We go from fundamentals to advanced skill development. Competitive games and tournaments will be hosted. Prepare for a future in volleyball.

Duration: on going




Martials Arts

In conjunction with the Chameleon Combat Karate/Jujutsu learn the discipline of martial arts.

Duration: on going



Learn in a safe and encouraging environment. Our archery program is certified by NASP (National Archery in Schools Program). Discipline, focus and fun can be had once all the rules are followed. Pull it back and let it fly!We work in conjunction with the Virgin Islands Archery Association. 

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Loose 2 Win


Join other boys and girls in your age group who struggle with healthy eating habits and weight management. Learn more about healthy eating and exercise with the support of others. Make food journals and daily exercise routines. We are in this together!

Duration; On going


Calypso is a local musical art form that we must preserve. Ready to learn to sing and write your own calypso. Learn from professional writers, singers and performers in the BVI. Keep our culture alive.

Duration: On going

Help for Children