Leadership Exploration And Development (LEAD)

Leadership Exploration And Development (LEAD)

Rites of Passage

What does it take to become a strong man or woman? Rites of Passage will show you examples and help you decide how a strong man or woman thinks, believes and acts. We work in conjunction with MALE and other groups , to explore topics of growth, emotional changes, and expectations at home, school/work and the community.

Duration: 4-6 weeks


In Character

Character traits such as grit, social intelligence, curiosity, self control, gratitude, zest, and optimism determine our success in life. We will introduce these terms and how adapting our mindset can help us become better prepared for life. Through games, discussions, and role-playing YEPpies learn how to become better citizens.

Duration 4-6 weeks.


Career Track

In Career track we explore your future and how you can accomplish your goals. Planning a path for growth and steps are vital to visualizing and executing your plans.

Duration 4-6weeks


Leader within

Building on character traits learnt we explore in small group settings, the qualities of a leader and examine existing leaders in our community. This program includes critical analysis of society and its roles, community partnerships, businesses and community service.

Duration: 4 weeks

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