Knowledge Adventure

Power Hour

Assistance with homework and other assignments is vital. We help, encourage and monitor all YEPpies with their homework, projects and other assignments. Duration: Ongoing


YEP tech

Technology is always evolving and as new technologies are introduced we strive to offer them to our YEPpies to encourage interest, awareness, ideas, and learning. YEP tech encompasses Science, Mathematics and Technology topics relevant to Elementary through Grade 10. Duration: One-three weeks

Link to yeptech page


Computer Coding

Children are always fascinated in how things work. Teaching them coding allows them to see how games, apps and other programs are developed.

Duration:3-6 weeks



Cameras are everywhere and everyone loves to take pictures! Click introduces YEPpies to fundamental photography and videography principles and applies those principles in real life projects. Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Duration 4-6 weeks



IAMSMART promotes computer literacy and assists in developing word processing skills in MS Office. YEPpies are given instruction and activities that provide guided practice.

Duration: 3-6 weeks


Web Works

The Internet can be an overwhelming resource. Web works makes you familiar with search engines, web tools and offers suggestions on managing email addresses and social media accounts.

Duration 3-4 weeks


Project 101

In Project 101 you are taught all you need to research, type, edit and present you school assigns. Group and individual projects are given to develop skills and feedback is provided. Prior knowledge in MS Office and web research is required.

Duration 6-8 weeks


Hear me SPEAK

Initiating conversations and public speaking can be daunting for youngsters. Hear me SPEAK, will help you get over your fears and assist you in confidently expressing yourself. Hear me Speak, is hosted in conjunction with Toast Masters (BVI)

Duration: 3-6 weeks

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