What do we do


Not all learning takes place within the walls of a school; nor do all learners learn the same. We create programs that are fun, engaging and all children to learn through discovery. Our academic programs are focused around homework assistance, basic literacy and word processing. 

Sports, Health and Life Skills

A child’s mind and body should be nurtured simultaneously. With a growing number of youth in the BVI suffering from obesity, we provide programs with opportunities to promote health and wellness through sports. 

Creative Arts

Expression through art , dance, music and craft is a proven avenue for children who are in need of channeling their emotions. Through the arts, music, painting, drawing and handy crafts, we allow for fundamental skill development and individual expression.  

Leadership Development

Empowering our members is much more than words. Through character development, community service, team building techniques, mentoring and positive experiences we foster civic responsibility, hope and opportunity. 

Environmental and Cultural

The importance of nature and culture to our islands is imperative to the survival of our people. Through experiences, which allow our yeppies to explore and examine our history, cultural activities, traditions, and environment, a foundation of pride, and preservation is created.  

Specialized Program


Help for Children